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The overview gives you basic information about TrustCloud® and its applications to achieve, share, and verify trust obligations with customers.

What Is It?

TrustCloud® is a Trust Assurance Platform designed for startups, SMBs, and enterprises to achieve, share, and verify their trust obligations with customers. TrustCloud consists of three applications:

  1. TrustOps: is an automated control verification and compliance adherence application to help you effortlessly and cost-effectively achieve audit-readiness for multiple infosec and data security, privacy, and governance standards simultaneously.
  2. TrustShare:  Elegant, real-time, responsive trust-sharing portal to proactively share your trust and compliance program at the start of a sales process. This avoids endless follow-ups on security assessments with customers. Machine-learning and NLP applications to auto-generate accurate answers for security questionnaires by using information directly in your TrustCloud.
  3. TrustRegister: uses a predictive intelligence tool to eliminate manual, unreliable processes and optimize your risk management program. TrustRegister helps you identify risks, streamline remediation, and assess business impact so you can maintain a proactive program—good riddance to spreadsheets.
    The following diagram shows the typical elements of TrustCloud.
    Trust Assurance Platform 2023

Who uses it?

The primary administrators of TrustShare are typically:

  1. In startups:  CTOs or VPs of Engineering, and marketing and sales leads
  2. In SMBs:  Security or compliance leads, and marketing and sales leads
  3. In enterprises:  Security and compliance lead

Apart from admins:

  1. Every employee in an organization that is involved in a security, privacy, or compliance workflow is invited as a user or owner’ in TrustOps. These are people from engineering, DevOps, HR, finance, IT, security, and compliance.
  2. Every sales team member in an organization is typically invited into TrustShare so that they can invite their customers (under NDA) to view security and compliance information.

How TrustCloud helps you

  1. Accurate, automated, actionable, and joyful compliance 
    1. Accurate, control and compliance verification: Automation reduces the effort to gather evidence and provides assurance around its accuracy
    2. Reduce audit preparations by doing the work once and mapping to many standards: Automatically map controls and evidence to multiple compliance standards to streamline audit readiness, and programmatically publish evidence to your auditors
    3. Make compliance actionable: Real-time, consolidated risk view across all controls, vendors, assets, and data sets
    4. Deliver UX that employees love:  Make compliance easy for everyone to understand and effortless for everyone to participate.
  • Cut the cost of compliance
    1. Consolidate GRC costs into a unified platform: Unified platform to manage compliance, the risk register, contractual risk tracking, and answering security questionnaires
    2. Dramatically reduce audit effort, time, and cost: Consolidate yearly audits for many standards into one audit period with one auditor. Evidence is automatically mapped and provided to the auditor to make reviews faster
    3. Reduce TCO by 7-figures per year and unlock multiple person-years of productivity across many teams
  • Make compliance a revenue and value enabler for your business
    1. Enable revenue by supporting sales faster and with significantly less effort:  Completing security questionnaires is effortless. Be confident with the accuracy and completeness of your answers
    2. Reduce liability by tracking regulatory and contractual commitments: Map commitments to controls. Control verification gives you a real-time view of risk and liability across all contracts

Getting Started

To get started with TrustCloud, you can learn more about each application –

  1. TrustOps
  2. TrustShare
  3. TrustRegister

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