Audit Logging Policy

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What is an audit logging policy?

An audit logging policy is a set of guidelines and procedures that define the requirements for logging and monitoring activities within an organization’s information systems. It specifies what events should be logged, how they should be recorded, stored, and monitored, and who has access to audit logs.

The following screenshot shows the policy template.

Audit Logging Policy

How do I use it?

To utilize a policy template effectively, customize it to align with your organization’s specific logging requirements, regulatory obligations, and security needs. Communicate the policy to relevant stakeholders and implement the procedures outlined in the template. Regularly review and update the policy to reflect changes in technology and regulatory requirements. You can download and customize the audit logging policy template provided at the end of this article.

Read more about controls and their implementation with TrustCloud here.

Value to the organization:

This policy adds value to the organization by providing a framework for consistent and comprehensive logging of system activities. It enhances security by enabling detection of unauthorized access or suspicious behavior, facilitates compliance with regulatory requirements, and supports incident response and forensic investigations, ultimately enhancing accountability and trust.

What control does it satisfy?

Completing this template helps satisfy the following controls:

APPS-2  Encryption Documentation Define and document your encryption methodologies
AUTH-2 Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) Upload a screenshot of the configuration settings that show MFA enabled for all users.
LOG-2  Logging of Administrative actions Tailor the audit trail to capture administrative actions
LOG-3 Centralized Logging Enable a threshold for alert notifications
LOG-4  Security Event Loggin Provide screenshot of the monitoring tool settings showing the specific security events
LOG-5  Security Event Review Provide a screenshot of the review capability within the tool

Learn more about TrustOps to create and maintain a personalized common control framework (CCF) that automatically maps each control to many compliance standards.

Please download the Audit Logging Policy template from here:

Audit Logging Policy

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