Authentication And Password Policy

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What is an authentication and password policy?

An authentication and password policy is a set of rules and guidelines that define the requirements and best practices for user authentication and password management within an organization’s IT environment. It outlines criteria for creating strong passwords, authentication methods, password storage, and user account management procedures.

The following screenshot shows the policy template.

Authentication And Password Policy

How do I use it?

To use the policy template effectively, customize it to align with your organization’s security requirements, regulatory obligations, and industry best practices. Communicate the policy to all users and enforce its guidelines for password creation, authentication methods, and account management. Regularly review and update the policy to address evolving security threats. You can download and customize the authentication and password policy template provided at the end of this article.

Read more about policies with TrustCloud here.

Value to the organization:

This policy adds value to the organization by enhancing security through the implementation of robust authentication mechanisms and password management practices. It helps protect against unauthorized access, data breaches, and cyber threats, thereby safeguarding sensitive information, maintaining trust, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

What control does it satisfy?

Completing this template helps satisfy the following controls:

AUTH-2 Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) Upload a screenshot of the configuration settings that show MFA enabled for all users.
AUTH-3 Password Management Tool Provide a screenshot of the tool and its active dashboard.

Learn more about TrustOps to create and maintain a personalized common control framework (CCF) that automatically maps each control to many compliance standards.

Please download the Authentication And Password Policy template from here:

Authentication And Password Policy

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