The TCCCF is a set of comprehensive controls that were developed based on common requirements from various industry security and privacy frameworks such as NIST, ISO, SOC, and HITRUST.

Team (or “Account”)

A single customer’s instance of TrustCloud. “Team” roughly equates to a company, or an Organization Unit within a company.


A test checks for a single requirement in a control. All controls contain one or more tests, each of which checks for a specific requirement of the control.

Third-Party Vendor

A third party vendor is a person or company that provides services for another company (or that company's customers).

Trust Assurance

Trust Assurance is a brand new approach. Trust Assurance is a crafted, consumer-grade user experience that demystifies compliance. It pairs machine learning with intuitive design to do most of the work for you; embedding accurate testability into every workflow to

Trust Champion

The person who helps their organization measure and meet its internal compliance obligations. Their actions support revenue-generating activities, protect their organization from legal and contractual liabilities, and enable the organization to confidently and transparently showcase an intentional, robust, and differentiated


TrustHQ enables companies to engage their employees in meeting their trust obligations to the company. Employees can understand, and periodically attest to their obligations to the company - such as reading and acknowledging company policies, declaring their use of third-party


Application that enables continuous compliance automation. TrustOps empowers teams to manage their internal trust operations and achieve one or more security and privacy compliance standards such as SOC 2, HIPAA, ISO 27001, etc.


Predictive intelligence to eliminate manual, unreliable processes and optimize your risk management program. TrustRegister helps you identify risks, streamline remediation, and assess business impact so you can maintain a proactive program - good riddance to that pesky spreadsheet


An automatically generated, interactive website that TrustCloud customers use as a single place for all trust communication with their prospects and customers. TrustShare confidently showcases your company’s security and compliance hygiene to help you bi-pass completing security questionnaires!

TrustShare Questionnaires

TrustShare feature that uses Machine Learning to auto-generate accurate answers to security questionnaires.