Hello, Pratik! To upload your SOC Report(s), you will need to log into TrustShare and navigate to the “Manage my TrustShare” -> “Certifications”. From here, you will locate the type of SOC report that you intend to upload and select “Configure”. This should redirect you to the screen where you will enter all metadata associated to the report – including the ability to upload and manage the access level.

If you want your SOC Report(s) to be provided to all authenticated users, you can change the access level to “Private”. If you need more granular control over who is accessing your SOC Report(s)/other shared information, this is where you can utilize the “Data Room” option. Data Rooms allow you to control who is able to access certain documents at the user level. You can read more about data rooms here: https://community.trustcloud.ai/docs/trustshare/data-rooms/

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask in this forum and we would be happy to provide further clarity!