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View Policies button on dashboard no longer works.

The View Policies button on my dashboard previously took me to the Policies page, but now it doesn’t. I tried refreshing the page several times and also tried signing out and back in again.

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  • Hello @ sarahmorgan,
    Thank you so much for raising this concern on the TrustCommunity portal,
    After checking your query, it seems we will need to investigate this issue further by knowing what dashboard you are using which is causing this issue, this is because policies are visible on multiple TrustCloud wide dashboards, hence having these details will help us narrow down the issue and escalate in case of a bug,

    For further investigation and tracking purpose of this problem, could you please submit this issue using the below link –>

    You can include additional details about this issue like error/screenshot/short video of the issue in the above link which will be more secure and encrypted way of sharing the details,

    NB: Please do not share Issue details/Account details/Personal information/Sensitive data related to this issue on this page as its a public forum. You can share these details using the above report-a-bug page.
    Thank you

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