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What should I look for when searching for an ISO 27001 Auditor?

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  • Firms that are accredited to issue ISO 27001 certificates are called certification bodies or CB. To be an accredited certification body, that entity has to go through a rigorous process that certifies them to become a certification body. This audit is conducted by organizations called national accreditation bodies(AB). Keep in mind that even if you found an auditor that is a CB to provide ISO 27001, that doesn’t mean they can provide ISO 9001 services as well. Each organization is granted the Certification Body status for a particular ISO framework and in a particular geographic region. To check if your audit firm is an accredited firm, check on the below accreditation directory:
    ANAB: ANSI National Accreditation Board
    UKAS: United Kingdom Accreditation Service
    JAB: Japan Accreditation Board
    DAkkS: German Accreditation Body

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