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All about HIPAA

Safeguard sensitive protected health information (PHI) from being disclosed without the patient’s consent or knowledge.

What is SOC 2?

SOC 2 demonstrates that your company has adequate controls in place to protect customer data in your environment.

Intro to ISO 27001

A ISO 27001 certification demonstrates that your company has an adequate information security system in place.

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Testing Controls (Updated UI)

Once you have set up your integrations, you can leverage automated tests. Automated tests run automatically at the set evaluation frequency for each control. For self-assessment, you need to run the test and collect the required evidence

Mapping a Control

TrustCloud’s common controls framework maps a comprehensive set of certified standards controls and your custom controls to get certified against several out-of-the-box


Introducing TrustGraph in TrustShare – your program's compliance artifacts, including controls, policies, and Q&A knowledge base, come to life in a clear, interconnected view. See the data that fuels your security questionnaire responses, and

Importing a New Questionnaire

By leveraging TrustCloud AI, the system can auto-populate answers, reducing manual input and speeding up the review


TrustCloud® is a Trust Assurance Platform designed for startups, SMBs, and enterprises to achieve, share, and verify their trust obligations with


The articles outline the current TrustCloud customer support

Risk Register

The Risk Register Page displays all your risks in a table view where you are able to customize, sort and filter specific risks. Included are fields that highlight key info of each risk to sort


TrustCloud has enabled a Risk Settings page so that users can modify their Risk settings to match their organizations needs. Below you will find the different settings that will empower you to make your TrustRegister your

Getting Started – TrustCloud Auditors

To get access to the AuditLens application, please reach out to your Customer contact. They will be able to invite you to their AuditLens portal. The TrustCloud customer will be able to initiate the access and you will receive an invitation

Getting Started – TrustCloud Customers

The “Audit Dashboard” page is where you can enable AuditLens and manage auditor access. To access the “Audit Dashboard” page, you simply need to select the Audits icon from your left navigation

Compliance certification vs attestation: what is the difference?

Compliance Certification vs Attestation - Certification is a qualification that is recognized by an accredited body. An attestation is an opinion from the auditors on the state of your compliance

What are internal control metrics?

Internal control metrics provide a quantitative basis for evaluating control effectiveness, identifying areas for improvement, and demonstrating compliance to stakeholders such as senior management, the board of directors, auditors, and regulatory