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Popular tools we use don’t seem to be in your catalog

I’ve loaded 22 of our systems to Trust Center so far, but I’m unsure how to proceed when popular tools we use don’t appear in the catalog. Great if people could share their experiences or advise on the following:
1. We use ChatGPT and OpenAI API, but the only catalog option I see is OpenAI. Both tools handle privacy differently, so what do here?
2. Java, Flutter, gRPC and Python aren’t in the catalog – I guess these are languages or libraries? Should I be entering these as custom systems or are they irrelevant?
3. What about the Kubernetes eco-system – I don’t see Kubernetes, Knative, or Kourier in the catalog – so should I be entering these as custom systems, or are they also irrelevant, and if so, why?
4. Same goes for Argo Workflow, Langchain, Let’s Encrypt, Nginx, Temporal – should I enter these as custom systems or ignore?

Additionally, we run (Apache) DevLake and Firebase without underlying systems, so how do I upload these without selecting an underlying option?

Looking forward to thoughts and advice – would be great to get all the systems uploaded so we can move onto integrations.

Best, Elizabeth

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  • Hi Elizabeth,
    You can request for any additional systems that you’re using within TrustOps –

    1. You can request for a separate ChatGPT application by navigating to the Systems page within TrustOps -> Select Third Party software & cloud services -> Select “I don’t see my system here” & provide relevant info about the system you want to have added to the TrustCloud catalog. Once requested, the TrustCloud team will have the respective systems created.
    2. These are languages or libraries and are not expected to be added as systems.
    3. You can add Kubernetes related cloud services by navigating to the Systems page in TrustOps -> Software developed in house -> As Platform, you can select the applicable kubernetes based services like AKS, GKE, ECS, Fargate etc.
    4. You can request for these systems by following the same steps as (1).

    Firebase is available as a supported system in TrustCloud, whereas for Apache DevLake, you can request it as a new system by following the same steps as (1).

    • Thank you so much Parth for this comprehensive answer! I have requested all the apps as you’ve suggested in 1. and 4., is there a roadmap for requests so we know when these may be available? Also, what do we do in the meantime, is there somewhere in the platform where we note pending items, or do I have to maintain such a list offline? In the meantime, I will talk with my team to determine the service selections for our Kubernetes tools. Thanks again, very much appreciated.

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