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Getting Started – TrustCloud Customers

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Getting Started – TrustCloud Customers Guide is about the “Audit Dashboard” page where you can enable AuditLens and manage auditor access. To access the “Audit Dashboard” page, you need to select the Audits icon from your left navigation bar. 

TrustCloud users with the “Compliance Admin” role can access the audit dashboard page as well as have the ability to enable AuditLens and invite auditors.


Initiating an Audit

To begin an audit, 

  1. Select “Create Audit” on the top right side of the Audit Dashboard page.
  2. Select the beginning and end dates for the audit. 
  3. Invite auditors by providing their name and email address, and an invitation email will be sent.
    The following screenshot shows the “Invite New Auditor” page.
    AuditLens InviteNewAuditor
  4. Once the auditor accepts the invitation and logs in, they will be brought to the TrustCloud application.

Completing an Audit

Marking an audit as complete has the following three impacts.

  1. During a live audit, certain features, like control deletion, require a higher degree of access and involvement. This is to ensure that no audit related evidence is accidentally removed.
  2. The audit will no longer be visible in AuditLens, and your auditors will not be able to access the program to look at the relevant evidence for that particular framework.
  3. The audit completion date will be recorded.

Restarting an Audit

To restart an audit or prepare for a new audit against the same standard, contact support.

Bulk Export Audit Evidence

A key part of an audit is providing your auditor with evidence for controls, systems, policies, etc. A dedicated Audit Management product, AuditLens, which enables auditors to complete their entire audit from the product itself. AuditLens also offers a bulk export for all your evidence, which can be obtained by contacting support.

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