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What is it?

Introducing “TrustGraph” in TrustShare – your program’s compliance artifacts, including controls, policies, and Q&A knowledge base, come to life in a clear, interconnected view. See the data that fuels your security questionnaire responses, and understand where our AI sources its answers. TrustGraph brings transparency to your compliance information, making it tangible and accessible.

TrustGraph – Overview

In the “Overview” section of TrustGraph, get a bird’s-eye view of your program’s core elements, including adopted standards, documents, policies, controls, and more. This visual graph provides clarity on what makes up your program, while also showcasing the number of companies, users, and security questionnaires added to the mix. It’s your program’s holistic snapshot, all in one place.



In the “Controls” section of TrustGraph, gain insights into your program’s controls landscape. It presents a comprehensive list of both adopted and planned controls, along with the last verification date and ownership details. What’s unique here is that you can see which controls are hot topics in security questionnaires, as it displays all customer references for each control. It’s your visual guide to what’s in demand and what’s been tested, helping you focus on the controls that matter most.



In the “Policies” section of TrustGraph, dive into your program’s policies landscape. It offers a comprehensive view of approved and pending policies, complete with approval dates and ownership details. What sets it apart is its ability to highlight which policies are in the spotlight in security questionnaires, showing all customer references for each policy. This visual snapshot guides you in understanding which policies are in demand and which are frequently questioned, helping you prioritize your policy management efforts effectively.

TS TrustGraph Policies 03

Knowledge Base

In the “Knowledge Base” section of TrustGraph, unlock a visual treasure trove of your Q&A knowledge base. This section lists all your responses used in security questionnaires, indicating when they were last utilized, their status (active or archived), and showing all customer references for each response. This dynamic view eliminates the need for manual upkeep, offering you a real-time snapshot of your knowledge resources. It’s your quick guide to an ever-evolving and reliable knowledge base, effortlessly at your fingertips.

TrustGraph Knowledge Base
TrustGraph Knowledge Base

Importing Your Knowledge Base

If you have a pre-existing set of questions and responses you wish to bring into your knowledge base, simply click the “Import” button to initiate the import process. Your knowledge base should be formatted according to our template for proper organization by the system.

Importing Existing Knowledge Base Download Template
Importing Existing Knowledge Base – Download Template
Importing Existing Knowledge Base Import Template
Importing Existing Knowledge Base – Import Template

Company Profile

In the “Company Profile” section of TrustGraph, discover the power of streamlined company-based questions. It provides a catalog of generic company queries for security questionnaires, from headquarters location to founding date. This section lets you see the status of these profile questions—how many have been answered and how many are pending. What’s unique is that it references the customer questionnaires related to each profile field, offering clarity on what information is most frequently sought. It’s your visual guide to effortlessly maintaining and utilizing company profile data in your security questionnaires.

TS TrustGraph Company Profile 05

TrustShare’s live trust portal gives your customers a usable, real-time view of your security and privacy posture.

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