Importing a New Questionnaire

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Importing a New Questionnaire

Steps to add a questionnaire to TrustShare:

  1. Go to your TrustShare program and click on “Questionnaires” from the left-hand side menu.
  2. Select “In Progress.”
    TS Questionnaires In Progress 01
  3. Click on the “New Questionnaire” button in the upper right-hand corner
  4. Choose to import a new questionnaire via our white-glove import, self-serve import, or select a standardized template from our library
    TS Importing A New Questionnaire 01

White-glove Import

If you select ‘White-Glove’ import to allow TrustCloud’s white-glove service team to format your questionnaire to ensure TrustCloud AI is able to read your questionnaire.

  1. Provide information about your questionnaire and attach your questionnaire file.
    The following screenshot shows the White-Glove Questionnaire Details page.
    TS Questionnaires White Glove 02
  2. Click on the “Submit” button.
    TS Questionnaires White Glove Confirm 03
  3. Click on the “Got it” button. Your questionnaire is now queued for review.

NOTE: This typically takes about 2-3 hours but can take up to 48 hours depending on the size and complexity of each request and the number of requests already in queue.

Self-serve Import

If you select ‘self-serve’ import to format your questionnaire using the provided template so that TrustShare AI is able to read your questionnaire.

  1. Click on “Download Template” button to download the template and click on”Next” button.
    TS Questionnaires Self Serve Import 04
  2. Transfer your questionnaire into the provided columns (if applicable) of the template based on the guidance, and upload it.
    TS Questionnaires Self Serve Import Confirm 05
  3. Click on the “Submit” button. TrustCloud AI will begin answering any questions without an already-provided answer, and processing will be completed within minutes!

NOTE: If self-serve import is selected, all questionnaire formatting will be self-service. This includes transferring responses back into the original file when you are ready to export or share the questionnaire.

Standardized Questionnaire

If you select a ‘standardized questionnaire’ from the template library, like the CAIQ or SIG.

  1. Select a standardized questionnaire from the drop-down list.
    TS Questionnaires Standardized Import 06
  2. Click on “Submit” button. TrustCloud AI will immediately begin answering questions using information from your TrustCloud program!

Import Processing Status

When a questionnaire has been imported, it will typically go through the following steps before it can be accessed for completion:

  1. In Queue – Your questionnaire has been placed in a queue for the white-glove service team. Once they begin formatting your questionnaire, the status will update to “Processing”.
    TS Import Processing Status In Queue 06
  2. Processing – Your questionnaire is being formatted by the white-glove service team so that the AI can read it and provide answers to the questions from your program!
    TS Import Processing Status Queued for Processing 08
  3. AI Powered Answering – TrustCloud AI has begun answering your questionnaire!
    TS Import Processing Status AI Powered Answering 07 1
  4. Ready for Review – TrustCloud AI has reviewed your questions and provided responses. You are now ready to begin the review process!
    TS Import Processing Status Ready For Review 09

NOTE: if you choose to import a questionnaire via the self-serve flow or choose to import a standardized questionnaire from our template library, you will bypass steps 1 and 2 of the processing steps.

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