TrustCloud Common Controls Framework (TCCCF)

The TCCCF is a set of comprehensive controls that were developed based on common requirements from various industry security and privacy frameworks such as NIST, ISO, SOC, and HITRUST. Since most frameworks have the same underlying security and privacy requirements with minimal differences or focus, TrustCloud created a TCCCF that focuses on the fundamentals controls shared among common regulatory compliance.  As such, Adopting the TCCCF enables meeting requirements to many security and privacy standards such as SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, GDPR and so forth.

The TCCCF includes 200+ controls and is currently aligned with SOC 2, HIPAA, ISO 27001, ISO 9001, GDPR, CCPA, ISO 27701, CMMC L1 and L2, NIST Cybersecurity, NIST 800-171, NIST 800-53.

The TCCCF is updated at least quarterly with new controls and revision of existing controls to align better with framework updates and changes.

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