Audit Questions

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Yes, please reach out to the Customer Success specialist for an updated list of our Audit partners.

Our onboarding flow looks at applications that store customer data and classifies them based on the sensitivity of the data they store. 

This is the current way we scope systems and apply controls.

Our platform provides enough guidance on what is required to be done to meet controls, along with detailed descriptions of the artifact that needs to be uploaded. As an additional layer, our compliance team performs an internal review of your program to ensure that the artifacts uploaded will meet the audit’s needs.

Today, TrustCloud supports HITRUST via our design partner program. At that point, TrustCloud can help any organization that has secured a license with HITRUST manage the evidence-collection process effectively.

The best part of TrustCloud is that all your controls not only map to HITRUST, but they simultaneously map to HIPAA, ISO 27001, GDPR, CCPA, ISO 9001, ISO 27017, SOC 2, etc. So, you do the work once to satisfy a control and meet multiple standards immediately.

We have trained and partnered with auditors who are very familiar with our TrustCloud platform. Each auditor has completed successful audits of TrustCloud customers. No auditor has ‘failed’ a TrustCloud customer.

Every auditor has said TrustCloud customer’s compliance program is much better compared to customers they’ve audited on Vanta, Drata, etc. This is because TrustCloud’s controls, policies, and automated evidence collection practices are of much higher quality and verbosity. This means a lot to auditors, and it means even more to enterprise customers who evaluate these controls and policies.

Auditors tell us that audits with TrustCloud are done much faster because there is very little back and forth between the auditor and the customer (since everything is complete in TrustCloud).

Our audit partners provide significantly lower costs for audits. For example, a SOC 2 Type I audit can be as low as $6K–$7K. HIPAA audits are roughly the same price.

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