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Looking for an efficient way to automate your compliance processes? Look no further than TrustCloud. With TrustCloud’s suite of robust applications, you can power your profit centre, streamline your compliance audits, and mitigate risks to reduce financial liability. We understand the challenges businesses face when it comes to compliance, and we’re here to help.

Our mission is to bring trust back to business, and our expertise in compliance automation can save you time and money while ensuring trust assurance. Take your risk register from manual spreadsheets to programmatic, predictive risk assessments. With TrustCloud, you can pass security reviews faster and prove your compliance to your board. Discover how TrustCloud can revolutionize your compliance processes and bring peace of mind to your business.

Our suite of applications is designed to help you pass audits, manage risk, and accelerate security reviews to establish trust with your customers. The new TrustCloud platform experience upgrades your user experience to reflect the way that your teams collaborate to fulfil your GRC commitments. Now, you can immediately see a clear overview of your programs, tasks, and sales acceleration workflows, so you know exactly how to prioritize your day.

At TrustCloud, we believe you can turn your GRC into a profit centre, and our goal is to empower our customers with joyfully crafted tools that make this vision a reality.

Video tour

The following video will help you understand the New TrustCloud Platform experience.

TrustCloud for compliance admins

A new TrustCloud platform has in-house capabilities that power different use-cases across the applications you are already familiar with: TrustOps, TrustShare, and TrustRegister.

Admins now have a business intelligence page that serves as a launchpad for various parts of the platform. This new page brings together the most important items from across your TrustCloud, so you are well aware of what actions you need to take next.  The widgets on this new page include:

  1. Your prioritized tasks
  2. Risks from your register that need action
  3. Security Questionnaire status
  4. Controls adherence status
  5. Employee compliance status
  6. Automation status
  7. Sales acceleration via TrustShare
  8. Audit status for standards you are pursuing
  9. Gap analysis according to popular standards and much more.

A few existing areas of TrustCloud are elevated into the new platform experience layer; you can find your employee policy workflows, integrations, vendors, and account management in the platform layer.

The account section is absorbed into the platform layer. The individual account workflows and the admin workflows are separated, and each has its own place in the navigation. Only admins can see and interact with the “Admin” section.

For employees

All employees who have no compliance responsibilities besides policy attestation can see a landing page with tasks assigned to them and can see policies they’ve attested to along with other documents shared with them by the organization.

They can access their account and manage their profile and account security.

Other roles

There is no major change in experience for Admins and collaborators of TrustShare and TrustRegister, with the exception of their account sections.

Over the next few weeks, pieces will be added to the platform layer to provide value to people in these roles.

Next up

  1. Business Intelligence reporting will be added to the platform layer
  2. Navigation between platform areas with a new app-switcher design will be improved.
  3. A ton of improvements will be made to the vendor feature, including:
    1. A new dashboard focused on vendors
    2. Standardization and automation of vendor risk assessments
    3. Make TrustCloud your source of truth for vendors and related information 

The following screenshot is for visual reference.


Discover the benefits of using TrustCloud to effectively map controls and streamline compliance processes. Learn how TrustOps can optimize your operations and enhance trust with key stakeholders.

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