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Set up Google Drive for automated evidence collection with TrustCloud!


Once you set up your compliance program, TrustCloud TrustOps works to ensure that your systems remain compliant with your adopted controls. To do so, TrustCloud runs automated tests against systems in your product and business stack and verifies that they are properly configured.

This document outlines the steps you can take to grant TrustCloud access to a shared drive in your Google Drive. TrustCloud will then automate evidence collection by automatically refreshing the evidence provided for Self Assessments by checking against the latest versions available.

Instructions to grant TrustCloud limited access to Google Drive

  1. Create a shared Google Drive.
    This is where you and your team would add all of the evidence artifacts that validate your self-assessments.
  2. Create a new email for the TrustCloud user
    This is how we will access the evidence files on the shared drive
  3. Add the TrustCloud user as a contributor to the shared drive and configure this user to have “read-only” access by following the instructions below:
    1. Within your google workspace console, navigate to domain-wide delegation management.
    2. Add a new API Client & set the Client ID to 103428701341105119087
      This is the client ID for Trust Cloud’s Application, which you will be delegating access to. You can skip this step if the Client ID is already added.
    3. Under Scopes, add the scope
      This allows Trust Cloud to gain read-only access to the shared drive.
      google drive 1
  4. Provider the shared drive name, created user email & a link for a file from the shared drive as an input to setup the integration. TrustCloud will use the file link to verify if the access has been relayed correctly.

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