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Set up Azure DevOps integration for automated tests with TrustCloud!


Once you set up your compliance program, TrustCloud TrustOps works to ensure that your systems remain compliant with your adopted controls. To do so, TrustCloud runs automated tests against systems in your product and business stack and verifies that they are properly configured.

This document outlines the steps you can take to grant TrustCloud access to only read metadata about the configuration settings for your Azure DevOps account so that TrustOps can validate and generate evidence for your compliance program.

Instructions to grant TrustCloud limited access to Azure DevOps metadata

  1. Login to your Azure DevOps instance as a user who has administrative privileges in your organization.
  2. In your Azure DevOps console, copy the organization name for which you want to set up a connection.
    Azure Devops
  3. Open Organization Settings by clicking on the Organization Settings tab.
    Azure Devops
  4. Within the Organization Settings, click on the Policies tab and enable the Third-party application access via OAuth option to allow TrustCloud to gain read-only access.
    Azure Devops
  5. Input the Organization Name saved in step 1 into TrustOps.

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