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Set up Teamtailor for automated tests with TrustCloud!


Once you set up your compliance program, TrustCloud TrustOps works to ensure that your systems remain compliant with your adopted controls. To do so, TrustCloud runs automated tests against systems in your product and business stack and verifies that they are properly configured.

This document outlines the steps you can take to grant TrustCloud access to your Teamtailor account so that TrustOps can validate and generate evidence for your compliance program.

Instructions to grant TrustCloud limited access to Teamtailor

  1. An API key needs to be generated from Settings on your Teamtailor account. Note that this page is only accessible for users with Company Admin access. You can click here to navigate to your API Keys page.
  2. To create your first API key, 
    1. Go to Settings and click on “API keys”.
    2. Click on the “Create your first API key” button. You can create new keys as well as delete existing ones.
  3. To allow the integration to work as intended, you’ll need to provide the Admin Permission with a read/write Access type while creating the key.
  4. Provide the generated API Key to TrustCloud to integrate with your Teamtailor instance.

NOTE: It is not possible to edit a key once it’s been created.

For additional details, you can refer to the Teamtailor documentation to generate the API Key.

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