Adopting Controls

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Adopted and Planned Controls

Control status can be marked as “Adopted” or “Planned” in TrustOps.

On the Controls page, you can filter the controls list using the first drop-down menu by selecting ‘Adopted’, ‘Planned’, or ‘All’.

The following screenshot shows the control’s status to view adopted or planned controls.

TO Controls Control Status

  • Planned Controls: These controls have not been implemented yet; they are controls that are recommended for you to implement.
  • Adopted controls: These controls are reviewed and accepted as part of your program. If you have a specific compliance goal, you can use the “Show mapping to” drop-down menu and select the compliance goal you are trying to meet.

Adopting Controls

To adopt control,

  1. Go to the Controls page in TrustOps.
  2. Select “Planned” from the first drop-down menu.
  3. Click on any control from the list. There is a before-you-adopt section and an after-you-adopt section, and the tests to run are also generated.
    The following screenshot shows the planned control details page.
    TO Controls Adopting Controls
  4. You can view the tests, standards that are mapped and not mapped, implementation and the risks related to a particular control.
    TO Controls Adopting Controls Standards
  5. If you are already meeting the requirements for the control or if you have looked at the mapping and it aligns with one of your goals, you can adopt control by clicking the “Adopt Control” button.

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