BIZOPS- 37- Quality Inspection

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What is this control about?

Implementing the control of Quality Inspections is important because it ensures that products, services, processes, and systems meet established quality standards and requirements.

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Control implementation

Here are some guidelines to implement an effective records of Quality Inspections  program:

  • Define Inspection Criteria: Identify the specific criteria and standards against which the quality of products, services, or processes will be evaluated. This includes determining the key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics that will be used to measure quality.
  • Establish Inspection Procedures: Develop detailed procedures that outline how inspections will be conducted. Define the frequency, scope, and methodology of inspections, including the sampling techniques to be used. Specify the roles and responsibilities of inspectors and provide guidelines on how to document inspection findings.
  • Train Inspectors: Ensure that the designated inspectors are properly trained on the inspection procedures and criteria. Provide training on how to conduct inspections effectively, how to identify non-conformities, and how to document inspection results accurately. Training should also cover any specific tools or equipment that will be used during inspections.
  • Conduct Inspections: Implement the defined inspection procedures by conducting regular inspections on products, services, or processes. Inspectors should follow the established criteria and guidelines to evaluate the quality and compliance of the subject under inspection. Inspections may involve visual examinations, measurements, tests, or document reviews.
  • Document Inspection Findings: Inspectors should document their findings during inspections, including any non-conformities, deviations, or observations. This documentation should include relevant details such as inspection date, location, inspector’s name, inspection criteria, and the specific findings. Inspectors should also record any corrective actions taken or recommended.
  • Analyze Inspection Data: Collect and analyze the inspection data to identify trends, patterns, or recurring issues. Use statistical analysis or data visualization techniques to gain insights from the inspection findings. This analysis can help identify areas for improvement, root causes of quality issues, and opportunities to enhance processes or products.
  • Implement Corrective Actions: Based on the analysis of inspection data, initiate corrective actions to address identified non-conformities or quality issues. Assign responsible individuals or teams to implement the corrective actions and track their progress. Document the corrective actions taken and ensure their effectiveness through follow-up inspections or validation.

What evidence do auditors look for?

Most auditors, at a minimum, are looking for the below-suggested action:

  • Inspection Plans and Checklists: Auditors will review the organization’s documented inspection plans and checklists. These documents outline the specific criteria, requirements, and procedures to be followed during inspections. They provide evidence that inspections are conducted systematically and consistently.
  • Inspection Reports: Auditors will examine the inspection reports generated as a result of quality inspections. These reports capture the findings, observations, non-conformities, or deviations identified during inspections. They should include details such as inspection date, location, inspector’s name, inspection criteria, and any corrective actions taken or recommended.

Evidence example

For the suggested action, an example is provided below:

  • Inspection Plans and Checklists

Screenshot source

BIZOPS 37 Project Management Quality Control Template

  • Inspection Reports

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BIZOPS 37 Quality





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