BIZOPS-47 Quality Policy

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What is this control about?

Quality Policy is a statement or document that outlines an organization’s commitment to delivering products or services of high quality and meeting customer expectations. It serves as a foundation for the organization’s quality management system and provides direction for quality-related activities. x

Available tools in the marketplace

Available templates

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Control implementation

Here are some steps to consider when implementing the control of a Quality Policy program:

  • Define Quality Objectives:

    – Define the organization’s quality objectives aligned with its overall mission, vision, and strategic goals.

    – Ensure that quality objectives are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART).

    – Obtain buy-in and support from senior management and relevant stakeholders for the defined quality objectives.

  • Develop the Quality Policy:

    – Establish a cross-functional team responsible for developing the quality policy.

    – Review applicable regulatory requirements, industry standards, and customer expectations.

    – Draft a quality policy statement that reflects the organization’s commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement.

    – Ensure that the quality policy is aligned with the organization’s mission, values, and strategic direction.

  • Review and Approve the Quality Policy:

    – Present the draft quality policy to senior management for review and approval.

    – Seek feedback from key stakeholders, such as employees, customers, and suppliers, to ensure their perspectives are considered.

    – Revise and finalize the quality policy based on input and feedback received.

    – Obtain formal approval and endorsement from senior management, ensuring their commitment to the quality policy.

  • Communicate the Quality Policy:

    – Develop a communication plan to effectively communicate the quality policy to all employees and stakeholders.

    – Distribute the quality policy through appropriate channels, such as company intranet, employee portals, or physical copies.

    – Conduct training sessions or awareness programs to ensure that employees understand the content and implications of the quality policy.

    – Encourage employees to ask questions, seek clarification, and provide feedback regarding the quality policy.

What evidence is the auditor looking for?

Most auditors, at a minimum, are looking for:

  • Quality Policy Document:

    – A formal, written quality policy document that clearly states the organization’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

    – The document should include the policy statement, objectives, and any relevant guiding principles or values related to quality.

    – The quality policy document should be approved, endorsed, and signed by senior management, indicating their commitment and support.

Evidence example

For the suggested action, an example is provided below:

  • Quality Policy

Use the policy available  within TrustCloud program

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