Disciplinary Action Form Template

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What is the disciplinary action form template?

The Disciplinary Action Form template helps document the steps required to take disciplinary action against an employee due to a violation of internal policies and/or ethics.

The following screenshot shows the sample disciplinary action form template.

Disciplinary Action Form Template

How do I use it?

The template provides a set of questions and prompts that help document the actions that resulted in invoking the disciplinary action and the next steps for the employee as well as the employer.

Value to the organization:

The goal of the disciplinary action template is to document and inform the employee of the issue, provide them with opportunities to improve, prevent a negative impact on other employees, and protect the interests of the organization and staff. Above all, discipline in the workplace deters employees from acting in a manner that may be harmful to the success of an organization.

What control does it satisfy?

Completing this template helps satisfy the following controls:

HR-7 Disciplinary process Material violations of the organization’s Acceptable Use Policy, Code of Conduct, and Information Security policies and procedures applicable to each employee subject the individual to disciplinary action that can include termination as well.

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Please download the template from here:

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