PDP-16 Change Management Tooling

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What is PDP-16 Change Management Tooling Control?

The PDP-16 Change Management Tools talk about an automated deployment that provides organizations with the ability to automate the build process, testing, and deployment workflows. Most organizations nowadays rely on automated processes for change management. Make sure to identify and define the purpose of these tools within your policy.

Automated tools are recommended, but not mandatory.

Available tools in the marketplace

The following listing is “crowdsourced” from our customer base or from external research. TrustCloud does not personally recommend any of the tools below, as we haven’t used them.

Automated Deployment Tools
Microsoft Visual Studio
AWS CodeDeploy

Available templates

TrustCloud has a curated list of templates, internally or externally sourced, to help you get started. Click on the link for a downloadable version:

  • N/A: no template for this section

Control implementation

NOTE: This control is 100% automated by TrustCloud. Connect your system to enjoy the benefits of automation

To implement this control manually,

Install an automated change management tool to manage deployments to production.

What evidence do auditors look for?

Most auditors, at a minimum, are looking for the below-suggested action:

  1. Provide a screenshot showing the tool settings, such as the version number or action menu.

Evidence example

For the suggested action, an example is provided below:

  1. Provide a screenshot showing the tool settings, such as the version number or action menu.
    The following screenshot shows automated deployment to BuildKite and the various stages with TrustCloud.
    PDP 16 Change Management Tooling

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