ISO Risk Register

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What is the ISO Risk Register template?

An ISO Risk Register template is a structured document used to identify, assess, and manage risks within an organization by ISO standards. It typically includes fields for documenting risk descriptions, potential consequences, likelihood of occurrence, and mitigation strategies. The template serves as a central repository for tracking and monitoring risks across various business functions and processes, helping organizations prioritize their risk management efforts and make informed decisions. By utilizing an ISO Risk Register template, organizations can proactively identify and address potential threats to their objectives, thereby enhancing resilience and promoting a culture of risk awareness and continuous improvement. It satisfies BIZOPS-11 control.

The ISO Risk Register template helps document the risks faced by your organization that can negatively impact your business outcomes. This template is based on the ISO 27001 guidelines and therefore meets the requirement for ISO 27001 risk management controls.

How do I use it?

Answer the prompts within the template accurately to document the risks that can negatively impact your intended business outcomes.

The following screenshot shows the downloadable ISO risk register template.

ISO Risk Register

Value to the organization:

Using this template helps an organization holistically identify the risks that can derail business outcomes. Once you have identified these risks, the organization can perform a risk analysis to determine where to invest resources to mitigate them. Also, this helps you document and communicate with all stakeholders, as well as provide an audit trail. Additionally, this template has all the fields required for ISO 27001 ISMS risk management.

What control does it satisfy?

Completing this template helps satisfy the following controls:

BIZOPS-11 Risk Register An organization maintains a cumulative risk register, storing control deficiencies identified as part of ongoing system reviews and reviewing the register as part of the organization’s regular risk assessment process.

Please download the template from here:

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