PDP-1 Backup plan

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What is PDP-1 Backup Plan Control about?

The significance of having a reliable backup plan cannot be overstated. Data is the lifeblood of any organization, big or small, playing a critical role in everyday operations and long-term strategic planning. However, data is also vulnerable to a myriad of risks, from cyberattacks and hardware failures to human error and natural disasters. The repercussions of data loss can be devastating, leading to operational disruptions, financial losses, and damage to reputation.

A data backup plan is the process of evaluating what data will be backed up, identifying the tools and techniques for backing up the data and defining the frequency and recovery of the backups. It is important to implement a backup strategy to offset the risks of potential data loss.

Available tools in the marketplace

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Available templates

TrustCloud has a curated list of templates, internally or externally sourced, to help you get started. Click on the link for a downloadable version:

Control implementation

NOTE: This control is 100% automated by TrustCloud. Connect your system to enjoy the benefits of automation.

To implement this control manually,

  1. Document a process to back up data. Configure the defined backup schedule on the relevant system.

What evidence do auditors look for?

Most auditors, at a minimum, are looking for the below-suggested action:

  1. Provide the backup strategy document.
  2. Provide a screenshot of the backup schedule.

Evidence example

For the suggested action, an example is provided below:

  1. Provide the backup strategy document.
    Your data backup policy should include a similar table:
    PDP 1 Backup plan 01
  2. Provide a screenshot of the backup schedule.
    The following screenshot shows evidence demonstrating a backup schedule. Provide something similar showing the frequency of the backups.
    Google search
    Back plan

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